You Can Avoid Online Fraudsters When Booking Holiday Accommodation!

April 8, 2016

Online technological advances have changed the way people organize and book accommodation and their travels. Through the internet, potential travelers have more choices, accessible destination researches and in due course easier and cheaper purchases. Unfortunately, email phishing and fraud is becoming more and more prevalent. However, by staying extra vigilant, online swindlers can be prevented, and thereby being able to enjoy your ought to have break. Here are some steps to help you safely book Fremantle accommodation over the internet:

Perform a more thorough search

Perform some online search in regard to the hotel’s owner, contact number, email and property address, for further credentials. The majority of guests love to share their holiday experiences, bad and good. If a given accommodation premises or owner has been part of a previous scam, you might find comments on other holiday forums or portals. Do who-is-who search for properties that have own websites and check who owns the properties, website address and where they are based.

Manager or owner contracts

Talking with owner

It is recommended to not make any online bookings till you have directly spoken with the premises manager or property owner. While it is the norm to go through the whole sales procedure by email these days, note that the property’s owner might be a phishing victim. So, what is phishing? It is when fraudsters try to attacks people through the use of their email account, in most cases taking over their individuality. As such, it is advisable not to perform all your transactions hundred percent through email. And instead do it the traditional way – picking the phone, and chatting with the owner.


After short listing your accommodation options, go on and check out their reviews, and do an online search for the property. The more positive reviews you come about, the more confident and secure you can be that a potential holidaying accommodation is real. Nevertheless, it is possible to find false reviews, as such, you want to go an extra step and ask if you can contact a reviewer. Better still, contact past guests to talk about their experiences with the accommodation you are about to opt for. An authentic property manager or even owner will be more than happy to supply references.

Booking calendars

Check to see if the accommodation’s calendar is up-to-date. Quite a number of accommodation owners or managers leave their calendars blank, so they can negotiate the dates directly. While this is not a definite indication there is an issue, it is a good idea to make further checks.

Booking contracts

It is advisable to always ask for a booking contract when booking accommodation online. And while at it, make certain you receive it prior to paying any requested money. Check all contact, payment (including reservation and deposit fees) and address details, the conditions as well as the small print. Some accommodations do require 100% advance payment, especially when you book through a third-party service so this is not an indication of trouble but if you prefer to pay upon arrival, it’s not likely that you will get a booking contract and this is up to the policy of the lodging you want to stay in.