Callan’s Choice – the Best Beaches in Fremantle

November 6, 2017
Western Australia might not be the Whitsundays, but it is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, with rugged coastlines,

Callan’s Choice – A Night on the Town in Freo

September 15, 2017
Fremantle might be known for its Colonial-style architecture, bustling markets, and vibrant port, but it also has a lot to offer

Callan’s Choice – Fun for the Kids!

August 7, 2017
Whether you’re taking the kids to Freo for the weekend, or packing a bag and taking them on a relaxing getaway,

Callan’s Choice – Rottnest Island

July 18, 2017
When we hear the word island, we usually think of a tropical setting that should only be visited in summer. But,

Callan’s Choice – the Army Museum of Western Australia

June 8, 2017
As an educational and interactive step on ‘the Heritage Trail’ that begins in Perth, the Army Museum of Western Australia is

Callan’s Choice – Fine Dining in the Heart of Fremantle

May 9, 2017
Fremantle may not be as big as some of Australia’s most popular cities, however, what it lacks in size, it makes

Callan’s Choice – Fremantle Prison’s Tunnels Tour

April 18, 2017
If you love a bit of local history and have a big sense of adventure, then be sure to pop over

Callan’s Choice – A Visit to the Port

March 20, 2017
Located just 20 kilometres west of Perth, the port city of Fremantle lies at the mouth of the Swan River, and

Callan’s Choice – The Best Markets in Fremantle

February 28, 2017
When we think of Fremantle, maritime history and Victorian architecture generally comes to mind – but so does shopping! Home to

Callan’s Choice – The Historic Fremantle Arts Centre

January 5, 2017
Built in the 1860s, the Fremantle Arts Centre is a stunning example of Australian Gothic architecture that is extremely popular with